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I installed the version UBUNTU 20.04 and I installed CQRLOG from the Synaptic package manager.
When launching CQRLOG I have an error on the base.
I consulted the forum where I found this solution:
I uninstalled CQRLOG
then I applied the following command
sudo apt install cqrlog libmariadb3 libmariadb-dev mariadb-common mariadb-server
below the errors encountered
Reading package lists ... Done
Building the dependency tree
Reading status information ... Done
cqrlog is already the most recent version (2.4.0-3).
libmariadb-dev is already the most recent version (1: 10.3.22-1ubuntu1).
libmariadb-dev changed to "manually installed".
libmariadb3 is already the most recent version (1: 10.3.22-1ubuntu1).
libmariadb3 passed to "manually installed".
mariadb-common is already the most recent version (1: 10.3.22-1ubuntu1).
mariadb-common passed to "manually installed".
Some packages cannot be installed. This can mean
that you asked for the impossible, or else, if you use
the unstable distribution, which some packages have not yet
have been created or have not left Incoming.
The following information should help you resolve the situation:

The following packages contain unsatisfied dependencies:
mariadb-server: Depends: mariadb-server-10.3 (> = 1: 10.3.22-1ubuntu1) but will not be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, defective packages are in "keep as is" mode.
I reinstalled CQRLOG
At launch I always have the same problem.
Thank you for your help,




Check that you do not have MYSQL and MariaDB both installed.
I think installing just MariaDBserver will bring all needed to system.

There was a good list what to install about 1-2 months ago on this forum. Unfortunately search is little difficult here.
I'm using normally Google for search so that I put as first search criteria word. After that other words about subject.

So if you have MYSQL and MariaDB and do not use databases elsewhere then first remove all and then reinstall just MariaDB server.

Clear also hidden folder ~/.config/cqrlog if you do not have yet any log data there.
It is more important than reinstalling cqrlog itself. Reinstalling cqrlog from synaptic may even bring MYSQL packages again as dependencies to PC even if you just want MariaDB to be there.

Ubuntus seems to be endless problem...




Thank you for your reply.
I am a beginner on Ubuntu, can give me the commands to remove Mysql and keep only mariaDB.

I hope not to ask you too much and I thank you in advance for your help,


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Be sure to backup your log for CQRLOG. Completly rempove CQRLOG and all it's config files.install the following package:
sudo apt install mariadb-server-10.3 mariadb-client-10.3. then reinstall CQRLOG. I used synaptic package manager to do this and all is working now.
I have been using CQRLOG for 11 years now and this is the first time I have had any issue with mysql. I hope this will resolve your issues. Good luck and 73 de Dave, N3MEQ

I had a similar issue, try

I had a similar issue, try running

sudo apt install cqrlog libmariadb3 libmariadb-dev mariadb-common mariadb-server

see this thread: