Updating Hamlib

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Updating Hamlib

I am running Linux Mint 19.3 and the current version of libhamlib-utils 3.1.7build1 does not hold the radios that I wish to use so I installed version 3.3 from the Hamlib github. In order to do this I was required to uninstall CQRLOG when I uninstalled the old Hamlib.

The install of libhamlib-utils 3.3-10build1 went smoothly and all tested out OK so I went to install CQRLOG again and ran into the issue that it wants to install the old version of rigctld and does not seem to be aware of the new version. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed here.

73, Graeme ZL2APV

Updating Hamlib

Hi Graeme!

This is again one problem that installing from packages can cause.
I think you should find hamlib version 4. At least Fedora 30 and up offers that for install. Hamlib 4 has lot of new radios and bug fixes and new properties for previously supported radios.

Install Hamlib first, then install latest cqrlog.
I do not know how apt-get, or the GUI Synaptic, must be commanded but there should be a option to ignore dependencies.
That is what should prevent HamLib change.
Consult Google search, I'm sure there is lot of information how to prevent unwanted changes when installing programs.

Once you have got new hamlib with cqrlog installed you should concider to update cqrlog as the official package version is rather old and many fixes have been done after that release.
Check this message from halfway down (the upgrade part) https://cqrlog.com/node/2464

Of course you can also always download and compile official source from https://github.com/ok2cqr/cqrlog


Updating Hamlib

Thank you Saku,

I did have the latest version of CQRLOG installed and removed it when experimenting to get the version of Hamlib that I wanted installed. I thought that I would just use the package install to put it back as there will be a version upgrade for Linux Mint next month and I was going to do a tidy install then. I will take your advice and install the latest version and see if I can prevent it from installing the rigctld dependency using apt.

mni tnx 73 Graeme zl2apv