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Install question

I have CQRLog installed and running. I think I did it correctly but am confused by the options on the download page. I downloaded the bin.tar.gz file to the desktop and extracted into the home folder. So I open the .bin file in there and open the cqrlog file to run the program. Is this the correct method? I'm just a little confused because I also see the install.tar.gz file on the download page as well as the source.tar.gz file. What are these files? Are they other ways of installing the program? Just curious if I'm doing this right as the whole linux OS is new to me. Thanks.


Install question

Hi Jeff,

I also am a linux noob running CQRLog under Ubuntu 9.10.
As far as I am aware, the install file does everything for you including installing into the correct folder. The bin file requires some input in that you need to tell it where to install to. Finally, the source package needs to be compiled, which sounds like scary monster stuff to me.
I chose the install package and it worked fine.
It's a super piece of software as you have no doubt found.

Kind regards

Wallace MM0AMV

Up and running

Yes, it does seem to work quite well. It's a bit of a learning curve but I'm starting to like linux. I made three qso's yesterday and logged with the program so I'm starting to work my around the various functions.


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Re: Up and running

Hi Jeff,


This file includes CQRLOG with installion guide similar as you know from Windows. You can enter the correct path where you want to install (or upgrade) CQRLOG. Guide also creates icon on you desktop.

This is only compressed CQRLOG directory. You can extract the archive where you want and just run.

Source code of CQRLOG

73 Petr, OK2CQR