how to issue multiple telnet DXCluster commands when connecting?

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how to issue multiple telnet DXCluster commands when connecting?

Hi -

I'm playing with DXClusters.

For many years, I've used VE7CC cluster, and I have a profile retained on this telnet-server, which keeps my settings. But I don't have these settings on other cluster nodes, when I try using different nodes.

Under Preferences -> DXCluster -> Connect I can see where to enter a command when I connect. This works, but only for a single-command, it seems :-( I cannot find a way (a suitable separator) for multiple commands.

Question: How do I get CQRLog to issue multiple telnet commands when I connect to a DXCluster node?

-Gord VA7GP

how to issue multiple telnet DXCluster commands when connecting?

Hi Gord!

The preferences is meant to send just one string (command) to DXCluster.

How ever I managed to send 2 with my following test:

I opened text editor (leafpad in my Fedora31) with empty file.
Then wrote lines:


Then painted both lines up to empty line at bottom and copied to clipboard.

Then went to Preferences -> DXCluster -> Connect placed cursor to "Send this text ..." column and pasted from clipboard.

It shows out like "sh/dx sh/users" but actually there is CR+LF between commands.
And when connected to DXCluster it really issued both commands.

Once you have pasted and closed prferences you can check CR+LF existence with console command: hexedit (you can also test if it works and there is no need for further investigation. If not you should check with hex edit that there are CR+LFs).

Use it like:
hexedit ~/.config/cqrlog/3cqrlog.cfg

where the number "3" is the number of currently opened log number of your cqrlog.

When hexedit opens press TAB key to switch to ascii side and Ctrl+S and write the first command you wrote as search word.
00001770 3D 73 68 2F 64 78 0D 0A 73 68 2F 75 73 65 72 73 =sh/
Note the 2 dots between commands. When you look at HEX side dots are OD and OA (CR and LF)

Then your text editor with cut and paste was able to transfer them to cqrlog's DXCluster command and they shoud work.

Try this unofficial way!


Hi, Saku!

Hi, Saku!

I did try as you suggest, but I was fooled when the paste into the Send Text box seemed to have removed the CR/LF. I did not realize the CR/LF was still present.

I tried your "unofficial" way, and it worked! I issued three successive commands, and all were executed properly; I thnk there is no practical limit to the commands I can issue :-)

Thank-you for making this helpful suggestion.

But now, I have a Feature Request: Can the DXCluster -> Connect -> "Send this text when connected" entry-box be changed, to support the entry of multiple commands - visually make it clear that multiple commands are entered, perhaps check syntax (or add CR/LF at each end-of-line), and have friendly/helpful pop-up dialogue to provide hints to user?

-Gord VA7GP

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Working but only once

Hi Gord and Saku,
Very good idea and I followed Saku instructions step by step and it's working but only untill to close the cqrlog. After logger re-opening field "send this text..." in preferences -> dx cluster always returning to previous content. It looks like cqrlog doesn't want to remember the change, but only in this case - all other changes made manually are remembered after logger restarting. Cqrlog v.2.4.0, Ubuntu 20.04. My original command is: accept/spot 1 by_zone 14,15,16,20 and not (on hf/data or on hf/rtty) and I changing it for:

accept/spot 1 by_zone 14,15,16,20 and not (on hf/data or on hf/rtty)
sh/dx 20 on 20m

Other issue is I am using nano editor and I can't get CR+LF (0D +0A) but only 0A and only one dot between commands, but it's working as well.

accept/spot 1 by_zone 14,15,16,20 and not (on hf/data or on hf/rtty).sh/dx on

and example of corresponding hex code :

29 0A 73 68 2F

Slav, EI6KW

Working but only once

Yep, Slav you are right. Closing cqrlog wipes out all but the first command.

That happens because runtime setup file is deleted and contents are transferred to database.
At new start contents are retrieved from database to file.
Either one direction is dropping all after first CR+LF

I thought this would have been easy to change by just edit box replacement with memo type box(allowing multi line input) but it seems that saving/loading values need more investigation.