missing fileds in file export

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missing fileds in file export

I notice that when exporting QSOs to an lotw adif file that the frequency field is missing. I have checked Freq. in the export tab.
I can see this clearly by using the edit feature in the TrustedQSL application. I am running ver 0.9.1 of CQRLOG under Ubuntu 9.04. The same thing happens when the file is uploaded to the LOTW website.
73, KC2DU

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Re: missing fileds in file export


export for LoTW doesn't export freq because I don't see any reason to do it. LoTW needs band information and I have never had problem with it.

Why do you need to export also freq?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

missing fields in file export

Hi Petr,
I don't think there is an issue for LOTW. Is the same true for the general export from the file tab?
I enjoy using the program, thanks for your efforts!
73, John, KC2DU