Quickly changing locator

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Quickly changing locator

Hey everybody,

since I am a pilot and working HF out the aircraft I have quickly changing locators. I would like to mention these locators in the logbook. Is there any way to add a field where I can enter the locator I was at at the time of the QSO? Or do I only have the comments field for this purpose?

73 de Rico, DG5BQ

Quickly changing locator

Hi Rico!

Create "QTH profiles" for different locators. The you can quick change to new qth profile from top of NewQSO data area, before saving QSO.

But that works only when your locations can be pre profiled.

If you have checked NewQSO/View/Show statusbar you should see there "My grid (to change press CTrl+L) yourlocator"
If you have filled QSO data you can change your own locator with Ctrl+L before saving QSO.

You can check your locator in previously logged qsos from "NewQSO/Window/QSO list". Just enable "my locator" at Preferences/visible columns.


Hi Saku,
Hi Saku,

Hi Saku,

Changing the locator the way you described works perfectly for me.
Since we have speeds of about 900km/h it would be difficult to preset the locators (hi).

Now I only will habe to find the field I can comments in which will be displayed even in eqsl as a note.

Thank you very much for the great work you are doing.