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eQSL Upload/Download

By uploading to eQSL they need a QTH/Nickname -> OK
By downloading from eQSL they to NOT want the Nick, so you have to delete it -> OK

Before the next upload you have to enter the nick agn. And so on. Would be nice, if there would not be an input for a nick when downloading is wanted.

eQSL Upload/Download


Why to delete nickname? I use eQSL and both upload and download are working ok without any deleting.
I use nickname "home" with both up and download.

At eQSL I have nicknames home, OF100 and mobile.
OF100 was the Findand 100 years when we were allowed to use OFprefix (OF1KH)
mobile is for mobile operations (OH1KH/M)

When I select those logs (OF1KH and OH1KH/M) nicname is stored and will change automatic according to log.
So I never need to touch nickanme.

Would you explain what you mean about deleting nickname on download, please !


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Nickname for eQSL

I used my call as nick for upload and it did not work for download.
Thanks for your tip: "home" -> works!

Problem solved

tnx es 73

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