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custom fields

Hello my name is Bob my call is W3RAR. I am a new user looking at this program. I am a member of Parks On The Air. So as such we go operate in the field much like SOTA does. I currently have all windows os in use. However I want to mess with a Raspberry PI and that runs Linux of course. I currently use a great logger called ACLog. It is only available for windows unfortunately. So I find myself starting from scratch. I am well aware of Andy's Ham Radio software packages. That is what I am going to be working with. It includes this program, FLRIG, FLDIGI, WSJTX and some others that I like.

Here is my question . In ACLOg I can create two needed custom fields. One is "SIG_INFO. That is used to record the unique park identifier being activated by another POTA member. The second custom field I need is called "MY_SIG_INFO" and that is my parks unique identifier. I have that set to repeat till I changed it. I wondered if anyone here has done something to solve the issue. Can any of the fields be set to repeat or can custom field headings be made?

Thanks in advance.

custom fields

Hi Bob!

You could use any free column for your info. Like "Comment to qso" etc.
When you export your qsos to ADIF you can change field name very easy with linux console command "sed".

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