CQ Monitor window gone

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CQ Monitor window gone

Using Mint 20, WSJT V.2.3.0-rc1. At first when I checked the "remote mode for wsjt" box the CQ monitor showed up small and in the upper left hand corner of my screen. One I enlarged and moved it all was fine. But just now when I tried to enlarge it disappeared and I cannot find it. I have tried restarting with no luck. Remote mode is working fine but the CQ Monitor window is gone and I cannot find it. Does the same thing on JTDX. Any ideas anyone?

73, Bill NZ0T

CQ Monitor window gone

Hi Bill!

At first start CQ monitor is a small "stamp" that must be stretch.
When you have placed it to proper place and size use CQ monitor's checkbox "Map" and place and size also wsjt map window to right size and place (it shoud look like cqrlogs band map. Narrow and high).
When ok unchek "Map". CQ-monitor shoud be in place (and size). (it is actually same window).
Once again check "Map" to see it is in place and size and uncheck it again. Close wsjt remote and then cqrlog.

Now when you start it again those windows should be in place and size you set them.

If wsjt remote is active then you have selection NewQSO/Window/Wsjtx monitor that makes CQ monitor visible. This menu item does not show up when wsjt remote is not active.
You can close CQ monitor from top right corner "X" and wsjt remote still stays active (in case you do not like to have CQ monitor in use).


Hi Saku,

Hi Saku,

You have saved me once again! Thanks!!!!

73, Bill NZ0T


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