LOTW QSL Send date

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LOTW QSL Send date

If I choose in QSO LIST window ->QSL->LOTW->Mark all QSO as uploaded to LoTW its changing LOTW QS_S for current date even for qsos which are already marked as sent to LOTW. IMHO it is not correct to change already exist LOTW QS_S and should work only for qsos which are not marked yet.
Otherwise, it leads to a situation where the LOTW confirmation receive date is earlier than the sent date, which is impossible with LOTW.
Did not check how it works with eQSL.

Slav, EI6KW

LOTW QSL Send date

Hi Slav!

You were right, thanks for report!

SQL sentence did change all lotw and also eQSL upload dates. I made a fix to touch just ones that are empty. It is now pull requested waiting for commit.