New QTH - but how?

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New QTH - but how?


some time ago I added two QTHs to the list. Now I try to added a 3rd - but there is not OK button or so. I am confused.
Due the fact that I can not add a screenshot in this forum I send the image to Twitter:

Any sugsestion?

New QTH - but how?

Hi !
Do you use display scaling? That you did not use when doing the first 2 qths.

If there is no selection for scaling in your system. You can also try to change preferences/fonts to smaller if that helps.
Qth window was designed so that stretching from corner with mouse does not work, maybe that should be fixed.


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[solved] Global Scaling

thanks, that's it. My notebook has a very high resolution. That's why I set "Global Scale (System Settings > Display and Monitor > Display Configuration > Global Scale) to 125% in the KDE settings. What actually works quite well, but made the buttons disappear with cqrlog.
Now I've entered my 3rd QTH and I'm trying to remember the trick :-)

Have a nice Christmas!