Setup SunSDR2/QRP with CW keying

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Setup SunSDR2/QRP with CW keying

Have been using CQRLOG with a TS-590 via single USB cable for some time. The Hamlib and Rigctld worked and even had CW keying etc.

I recently bought a SunSDR2/QRP transceiver that is network connected and has no USB. I successfully got rig control to work without much trouble via tty0tty virtual serial ports for Linux and settings for TS-480 in CQRLOG. However, I have not figured out how to get CW keying to work with CQRLOG and the SUN. I first thought tty0tty was the problem trying to interrupt DTR RTS signals, but giving up on CQRLOG for a little while I also installed TRlinux contest software. In TRlinux, the config file I simply set the keyer to use /dev/tnt3 and enabled the secondary keyer on the SUN for /dev/tnt2 and to much surprise the SUN starting keying through TRlinux and virtual serial ports. Rig control on TRlinux works as well across /dev/tnt0 and /dev/tnt1 on the SUN respectively. Back to CQRLOG and I see no where to set keying except with Hamlib with settings taken from Rig 1 that does not work. I tried to setup cwdemon to go across the /dev/tnt3 as in TRlinux, but it seems cwdaemon does not work on virtual ports either as I get the message:

cwdaemon -d /dev/tnt2 -x s
cwdaemon:EE: no valid device found, setting cwdevice to null device

However, with the following:

ps -ef | grep cwdaemon
n5oe 16693 1 0 11:37 ? 00:00:00 cwdaemon -d /dev/tnt2 -x s
n5oe 26328 26312 0 13:33 pts/1 00:00:00 grep --color=auto cwdaemon

it does appear to have started, and when CQRLOG is setup to use cwdaemon on /dev/tnt2 the macros and keyboard are heard through the speaker on the PC, but nothing happens with the SUN in respect to keying.

Has anyone successfully connected CQRLOG CW keying through any type of virtual serial ports? I could use a USB adapter to Serial and then a hardware keying device plugged into the SUN as I have done many years ago, but want to keep the install clean as possible with fewer wires.

Just seems I am missing something when I can do everything with TRlinux through the virtual serial ports, but with CQRLOG I cannot.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.