CQRLOG, WSJT-X with IC-7300

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CQRLOG, WSJT-X with IC-7300

To start with this is a great logging program. It works with my ic-7300 perfectly no complaints there. Using Kubuntu. However when running WSJT there seems to be a conflict with both CQRLOG and WSJT communicating with the rig. I get error messages from WSJT regarding PTT and frequency. Opening CQRLOG in terminal i can see communication with the 7300. I would think communication with rig would stop in remote operation. The only way to get all working is to remove the 7300 from the radio 1 settings. I have CQRLOG settings to get frequency, etc from fldigi. WSJT works fine by itself. Thanks for help in advance, Colin, VE1CSM...

CQRLOG, WSJT-X with IC-7300

Hi Colin !

Either set wsjtx rig as "Hamlib NET rigtcld" and use server address "localhost:4532" and ALWAYS start cqrlog first before wsjtx,
or start rigctld from script before cqrlog and wsjtx. Then use "Hamlib NET rigtcld" as rig in both programs.

In any case set poll rate 1500 to cqrlog and 3s to wsjtx. You do not need faster polling. You may also increase those values (i have 1500 and 5s)

Read this document:

At page one you see both suggested ways as picture.