Ubuntu 20.02 client + Centos 7.9

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Ubuntu 20.02 client + Centos 7.9

Hello, my station PC is running Ubuntu 20.04, have all my digitalmodes and radios installed/connected to it, my home server is a Centos 7.9 running
mysqld Ver 5.7.32 for Linux on x86_64 (MySQL Community Server (GPL))

I would like to use my home server (Centos) and the database (which I use for other home made applications) from anywhere I can have internet connectivity whether it is locally in my radioshack or somewhere in Timbuktu via VPN.

After I installed CQRLOG on my Ubuntu PC and entering the server IP, port(3306), username(I assume the remote db admin username), password and hit the "Connect" button I get:

Error during connection to database: TMySQL57Connection : Server connect failed.

I did a tcpdump for port 3306 on the Centos server network interface and I can see traffic to and from my PC for that port, also the mysqld.log has:

2021-01-24T03:16:01.067266Z 2 [Note] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I checked several times that the password is the correct one, so what am I missing?

Thanks in advance

Alex N2IX

Ubuntu 20.02 client + Centos 7.9

Hi Alex!

You have to create user to your mysql server and grant it to use mysql server. Use word "grant" in top right searchbox of this forum.
One of those messages found is https://cqrlog.com/comment/9075#comment-9075

For "Timbuktu" usage I recommend VPN for data connection as you state. You can also use ssh tunneling instead with ssh option "-L 3306:localhost:3306" that expects that your remote PC does not run mysql (I.E. use 3306 port already). In that case you have to change the other number to free port number in local PC.

If you have http server that can access your mysql server and you can access your http server from internet you may be interested in "cqrweblog" that allows logging from any browser. It can share same mysql server database as your cqrlog uses locally. See https://github.com/dl8bh/cqrweblog