A few notes to Cabrillo export

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A few notes to Cabrillo export

Hello cqrlog team,

Thank you for Cabrillo export added.

After export I noticed, that value in Preference -> Station -> ZIP City is not well exported. For example "28401 Kutna Hora" is exported as "ADDRESS-POSTALCODE: 28401" and "ADDRESS-CITY: Kutna". The second word of city name is missing in exported file. But there is no problem to add the missing part of the city name to exported file manually.

Exported file does not contain correct frequencies as they are saved in log but rounded frequencies only. For example frequency 7.018 is exported as 7000. Since ranking in the top positions of some contest is validated under the conditions of entering exact frequency of each QSO in the log, this rounding may disadvantages contest participants with highest scores.

73 de Otto

A few notes to Cabrillo export

Thanks for reporting Otto!

Another way to pass the multi part city is to use underscore _ instead of space between words. Quite often contest robots ask needed information and plain qso lines are enough to get log in.
And as you say, It is easy to fix cabrillo later with text editor.

I'm aware about the frequency problem. Faced it when reading EIUK rules(I think it was that contest). But there it does not affect the contest log itself but awards.
There was some reason why to select rounded frequency, but I can not remember now what it was.
That must be checked.