LinuxMint 20.x CQRlog and HAMlib howto..... (and troubleshooting)

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LinuxMint 20.x CQRlog and HAMlib howto..... (and troubleshooting)

Hello all,

I at times update my installer scripts at

This scripts are tested on a fresh install of the current LinuxMint Cinamon edition.
These scripts install CQRlog in a way that when Petr publishes an update, it will be automatically installed via the update manager.

I now added a script which just updates or installs the HAMlibs to version 4.1. It was already a part of the big installer, but if you already have CQRlog installed you can just update the HAMlibs. I did this cause somehow LinuxMint still uses HAMlib 3.3 as default in their repositories.
And newer rigs are not in there yet.

Also , if you run into problems with my scripts, or your own installation, I intend to give support to anyone who uses Linuxmint 19.3 or newer via Teamviewer. Voicechat can be done with skype... or any program you prefer.
I can help you fix your installation and get your rig connected.
Preferably on the weekend and at a time that is not in the middle of the night for me :)
Ofcourse this if for free.... well a "thank you" when it works would be nice ;)
If you want some help, drop me an email at