flrig -> cqrlog -> wsjtx

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flrig -> cqrlog -> wsjtx

I have a problem. I have configured cqrlog to work with flrig and here everything works. Unfortunately when I give in cqrlog "remote for wsjtx" and wsjtx configure with flrig this one is not cooperating with working with two vfo. When I configure cqrlog to work with hamlib (Yaesu dx3000) and the same wsjtx there is again the same problem. Only when I run wsjtx alone and configure it to work with hamlib(dx3000) there is not this problem. Anyone encountered something like this?
System: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

flrig -> cqrlog -> wsjtx


If you use flrig->hamlib->cqrlog have you tried to set wsjt-x to use "Net Hamlib rigctld" as rig?
That way flrig access to rig, Hamlib access to flrig and both cqrlog and wsjt-x access to hamlib rictld.

Hamlib can handle properly several programs at same time. How ever connection flrig-hamlib is critical and hamlib may need setting of bigger delays because flig-rig connection slows down commanding.

Again this document is valid https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/blob/loc_testing/compiled/setting_rigctl...
Just imagine flrig to all places between rig and hamlib rigctld like connection wire.