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TRX Control Window


is it an idea, to change the colour of the band-button-text and the mode-button-text to another color (blue) or display the text in bold format, after the button is selected?

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI

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Re: TRX Control Window

Hi Wolfgang,

I have current band and mode button in red if is selected. You don't?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Re: TRX Control Window

Hi Petr,

if the buttons are selected, there remains a font in black. In the code I found the instructions for this.

For example: "btn30m.Font.Color: = clRed;"

But this has no effect.

The CQRLOG here runs Kubuntu 10:04, with the NVIDIA graphics driver.

73 de Wolfgang, DL2KI