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ADIF import

Installed Mint 20 on my laptop, installed CQRlog 2.5.2 I get 204 errors on import, text file says frequency wrong, but it looks ok to me, exported CQRlog to an ADIF file, looks the same there as does the error file, hard to fix something when there doesn't seem to be any problem, I remember this happening on my other system, but I cant for the life of me remember what I did to fix it.

ADIF import


In case you exported adif from cqrlog, then created a new log and imported it with frequency errors means that you did not set band start and band end limits for new log (preferences/bands/frequencies)

By default new log follows Region1 bandplan. Settings always goes with log, so you have to set them again for every new log.
The easiest way ist to open cqrlog, but do not open any log. While in "Database connection" window select log from where adif was exported with mouse click to get it highlighted.
Then press button Utils and do settings/export to file. Then select the new log by click and press button Utils and do settings/import from that file.

You get same settings easily.
Then change more settings manually from preferences if there is something that needs to be different than what was in exported log's settings.


I knew there was something I

I knew there was something I was forgetting to do, just couldn't remember, thanks for the reminder, all good now.