LOTW Upload error

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LOTW Upload error

Good afternoon,
First of all, many thanks to the developers for creating and making CQRLOG available. I am relatively new to amateur radio, and I like the quality and features of the package.

I have installed the program under Gentoo linux, and everything is working as expected. I am having a few issues with uploading QSOs to the different logs. For uploading to LOTW, I am getting the following error:

Uploading file ...
Size: 22383
File was rejected with this error:
...html header removed...
[title]400 Bad Request[/title]
[h1]Bad Request[/h1]
[p]Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.[br /]

The file is created and signed without any issues. I have removed the header DOCTYPE declaration and also changed the angle brackets for square brackets. I am not sure if they are accepted inside a code block.

I would be grateful if someone could point me towards a way of overcoming this issue!

One other thought - it seems the QSOs are marked as uploaded once the file has been created and signed. Perhaps it would be better to mark them as uploaded once the upload process completes OK?

Many thanks!
Best regards,

LOTW Upload error

Hi Paul !

Looks like you create signed file manually and then try to upload it manually to LoWT. Am I wrong?

You should use  "QSO list/QSL/LoTW/Export/Upload qsos to LoTW web page" 
Then select tab "Upload to LoTW" and "Export qsos that have never been uploaded"

Press first "Export&sign" and when it finished without errors press upload.
That shoud do the job automated. No need to edit anything.

Here the text "Pori" is the same qth name defined in TQSL program for qth name. For me it is "Pori", you have something different.
You have to set also "preferences/LoTW/eQSL" support your LoTW username and password.



Hi Saku,

Hi Saku,

Many thanks for your comment! I am basically doing it how you explain. Export and sign works with no errors, and then when I upload, I get the errors in my original post. I will try again to confirm I am not missing any steps, then report back here again.