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CQRlog kills when using "search" function

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CQRlog kills when using "search" function

Sometimes when searching (control + f) for a callsign on my QSO list, CQRlog kills itself/hangs, a small dialog window shows up, but with nothing inside.
After some seconds CQRlog just closes or if not I need to kill the process.

This has been happening for years and never found a solution.
I use the latest CQRlog too. 2.5.2(001).

Any ideas?



Thomas SP9TL (ex. SQ9LBE)

CQRlog kills when using "search" function


Does this happen always with same log, or all logs?

Might be hard to find if it happens random.
I start cqrlog with script file /home/saku/start_cqrlog. I have changed start menu icon to point that file.
Inside the file I have one line:

exec /usr/bin/cqrlog --debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

So every time I start cqrlog it creates again fille /tmp/debug.txt . It may be usefull if cqrlog suddenly dies.
But when looking file with text editor it must be kept in mind that cqrlog is multi thread program and it makes debug.txt sometimes hard to read because every thread prints to same debug file.


it happens randomly and with

it happens randomly and with all logs, and only when searching for something in QSO list.
it happened in all Linux versions I've had.

Thomas SP9TL (ex. SQ9LBE)

CQRlog kills when using "search" function

HI !
I have now seen this same once.
Very hard to reproduce. It must be a left over from something that has been done just before using search. So please keep looking things you did before the use of search.
Perhaps you can find operation model that makes it happen more often so that it is possible to debug.


TApplication.HandleException Access violation

Hello Saku,

I'm trying to find also the trigger for this issue...
Nevertheless, Below the debug console extract :
TApplication.HandleException Access violation
Stack trace:

It appears with :
-- CTRL+F after entering qso search.
-- After canceling Filter with SHIFT+F12 or Cancel Filter from Menu

Sometimes by closing empty window and canceling the filter, cqrlog continue to work. Sometimes the issue continues even trying to close empty window, the solution is to kill cqrlog PID.

Best 73's