call book lookup options

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call book lookup options

Wonder if another option could be made available 0ther than hamqth and QRZ? I am finding information on hamqth is outdated and QRZ doesn't provide all the data since I do not pay them for it.
Other options? Not sure what is out there. I was researching buckmaster and free account looks like it would fill the qth information fields and it lists many log programs as using their site. Of course those are all windows log programs. Not that familiar with other log programs and options they are using.


call book lookup options

Hi Jon!
Of course anything(almost) is possible if someone just writes the needed code.

It would make things easier if callbook has a API for programs to use. Meaning that there are no "bells and whistles" seen in web page, just the requested callsign data as return.

Hamqth and QRZ have that kind of connection. Other callbook APIs are unknown (at least for me).


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