Yaesu DIG Mode from TRX Control screen

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Yaesu DIG Mode from TRX Control screen

I have looked around this forum but all references seem to be old. As you may know the some Yaesu models have a mode "DIG". When trying to get CQRLog to work directly with FT-817ND I cannot select DIG. That button doesn't appear as an option. I even tried the FT-818 mode and it didn't make a difference?

Will I just have deal with it this way and do it manually?

Kevin, KX4KU

Yaesu DIG Mode from TRX Control screen

HI Kevin!

You obviously need DIG for digital mode working.

If you slelect your wsjt-x or fldigi to use rig #2  Hamlib Net rigctld and start your cqrlog before those programs then they connect to your rig via rigctld that cqrlog has started.
If the selecttion for rig in cqrlog settings is FT-817ND can't those programs to switch to DIG mode? They should do it ok.

If you, for some other reason, need DIG and do not use any other programs than cqrlog you can define a User button to TRXcontrol to do that.

Here is my TRXcontrol. The selection Show USR buttons must be checked to see three buttons below band buttons.

There I have button "60m". It switches  my ICOM 7300 to 5Mhz band using CW mode and drops power to leagal limit 15W

If we look at preferences/TRXcontrol there the "60m" definition can be seen like this:

Here you can see "Usr1" definition. It first sends rigctld commands "F" and "M" with corresponding parameters to get frequency and mode ok.
Then comes the interesting part.
With rigctld command "w" you can send any hexadecimal byte string via rigctld to your rig. That means that you can send a command that rigctld does not even know. For me it is the power adjust of IC7300.
You just have to find the byte string that makes your Yeasu to do what you want.

But because the question now is for MODE I think rigctld can switch to that mode with "M" command and no special hex bytes are needed (but it is good to know, for future).

Just define "M DIG 3500" where 3500 is the required bandwidth.
If you have a new Hamlib and use start parameter --vfo you need to define "M currVFO DIG 3500"  (like I have there)

This may also be worth of reading: https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/blob/loc_testing/compiled/setting_rigctl...





Yaesu DIG Mode from TRX Control screen


Ah I see now. I was looking at those fields and I wasn't sure how to use or format them or use them from the documentation. So you can really do all sorts of things with those. That is very handy. You examples are perfect. That works for me.
Yeah on the radio you need to digital mode to take input from the rear, and have used it for other things other than wsjtx as that does take control of cat.
I am going to print the example and put with the manual.

Thanks again!

73, Kevin