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QO-100 frequency looks funny

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QO-100 frequency looks funny

I just logged my first QO-100 QSO which happened on 10489.7095MHz. After logging, the cqrlog window states 1,0489.7095MHz, so the comma seems to be on the wrong place. Am I doing something wrong?
cqrlog 2.5.2 (001)

Best 73,

QO-100 frequency looks funny

Hi Wolfgang!

It looks like some Linux localisation setting has changed layout.
I did feed your frequency manually (offline) to test qso and it looks normal in QSO list.

Do you use NewQSO/satellite/LO config?

Perhaps the layout changes in conversation calculation.
Quite many places the frequency is using "currency" type variable. And there is a function "FormatCurr" that is used to
make string from numeric value.
"FormatCurr" has options "TFormatSettings" where one of those is "ThousandSeparator: Char; Thousands separator character"
If that is set to comma it may cause that result.

if LO config is used I like to know what are the settings? Then I could (maybe) test that way.