Export Logs: Access Denied

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Export Logs: Access Denied

When I tried to export my logs this morning I received an error message:
"An error occurred during export: Access denied"
I get this error for Cabrillo, EDI and CSV but ADI and HTML work ok.
What am I doing wrong?

Export Logs: Access Denied

Hi John!

With this amount of information first thing coming in to my mind is did you check what folder were used for export file?
Safe selection is always /tmp folder (that means file system root's tmp folder, not the /home/username/tmp folder) because access is allowed for all users.

And good side is that Most Linuxes do clean /tmp folder at startup so you do not worry about old unused files there.

If the folder selection was ok then a more information is needed. Start cqrlog from command console like:
cqrlog --debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

Just open your log and try to export. When it fails close Cqrlog and examine the /tmp/debug.txt with text editor to find a glue.