how does downloading lotw confirmation work?

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how does downloading lotw confirmation work?

While I have used cqrlog for years, I really used it standalone. I have periodically downloaded log entries from QRZ then uploaded those to CQRLog, LOTW and eQSL. I want to get away from using QRZ as my online logbook and move to HamQTH/CQRLog, while still uploading log entries to LOTW and eQSL and maybe QRZ. Please forgive me for asking the newbie questions I'll be asking in the near future.

So, the first question...
I'd like to DL LOTW confirmations into CQRLog without creating duplicating log entries in CQRLog. Is this possible, and if yes, how.

And is the same for eQSL?

Any info/help appreciated.

how does downloading lotw confirmation work?

Go to LOTW web page and create lotwreport from your qsos. Once downloaded this file:
1) make full adif backup of your log. Do lotw upload qsos that have never been uploaded (so that all qsos in log are uploaded)
2) once done, do import adif from lotwreport.adi file
3) check "in case of duplicates; remember my answer" of import window
4) start import and say "no" to first popup that says "this qso seems to be in log, do you really want import"
5) once done close import window and go qso_list/file/group_edit
6) select "field", "lotw QSL sent" with "value" "Y". Press "Apply" This prevents qsos to be resent to lotw
7) done


how does downloading lotw confirmation work?

Pevious message was about if you think you have qsos in lotw that are not in Cqrlog,s log.

If you just want to check lotw confirmations against your whole cqrlog log go:


Set date as the first qso date in your log.
There should be your station callsign already set
check checkboxes(2) if you like
press button "download data from ARRL website
Once finished press "close"

All lotw confirmations should be marked to your corresponding qsos. There may be errors that appear to error file. Check that file for reasons (most common is to have band start and end frequencies wrong. Default is Region1 settings in preferences/bands/frequencies)


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