License Class/Freq. Use Indicator

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License Class/Freq. Use Indicator

I am wondering if a feature could be added that would, maybe, change the font color of Frequency field if the rig tuned out of the operators allowed TX subband?

I don't know how much CPU overhead this would add, but maybe a matrix-type of a text file could list various license classes and the associated allowed freq. span. So, I am a US Advanced licensed amateur and if I had CQRLog setup for rig control, the frequency field font would turn red if I tuned my rig below 7.025 (or maybe a bit higher for mode bandwidth). The preference tab for Station could provide a field to indicate license class.

And/Or possibly a new field added after the frequency field to indicate gentleman's agreement use, etc. If tuning across 7.058, this field could indicate "FISTS". This info could be stored in that matrix type file so if the FISTS club decide to change to 7.056 for some reason, the file could be edited to reflect this change.

Just some thoughts. Thank you...
73 - Paul - N9GXA