Rigctld not updating frequency

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Rigctld not updating frequency

My problem is that frequency is not updated continously in CQRLOG, but is updated by File-Refresh TRX/ROT control.

I have a server-client setup to my rig Icom 7300 using wfview and two Raspberry pi cards over my local network. In CQRLOG preferences in my client Path to rigctld binary is set to /usr/bin/rigctld, the RIG model is set to 2 and port to 4532, host to the server Raspberry IP adress. No other boxes are activated, serial parameters to default except baud to 9600.

In the client wfview Radio Server is enabled and in External Control the Enbable RigCtld box is not ticked.
In the server wfview External Control the box Enable Rigctld is ticked and port is 4532, no other boxes are filled. In Radio Access Serial (USB) is ticked.

CQRLOG version in my client Raspberry is 2.3.0 and rigctld version in the server Raspberry is 4.5.

When I start CQRLOG in debug mode the fmv command is not answered in the log.
When I use a terminal window in the client Raspberry the command telnet 4532 (my IP address and port to the server Raspberry) and then the command "f" is answered correctly by the rig frequency, but the command "fmv" is not answered.
If I use a terminal window in the server Raspberry and the command telnet localhost 4532 the commands "f" and "fmv" is answered in the same way.

Is there a way for me to get continous frequency updates in CQRLOG?

Rigctld not updating frequency

Interesting setup, but it should work.

First at Cqrlog rpi you do not need to set baud 9600 (but not harm) as connection is made via TCP to other rpi.

I do not know wfview but it seems that it is not 100% compatible with rigctld and so it can not understand grouped commands like "fmv".

When you telnet to wfview rpi try to send:


you should get:

Frequency: 18084390

Then try:
+f +m +v

You should get:
Frequency: 18084390
Mode: CW
Passband: 500
RPRT -11

If these works you need to upgrade your Cqrlog to current version 2.6.0
It can be done in two ways.

Compile from source, see this message: https://www.cqrlog.com/node/3124

Or download newupdate.zip extract a script from it and start it. It does the update for you.
You can find it from https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/tree/loc_testing/compiled
Here you find instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_QLQhQyFVg&t

If wfview can not answer to extended ("+" added) rigctd commands there is not much to do.

You can try to cascade rigctlds.
At wfview Rpi start a rigctld

rigctld -m2 -r192.168.1.144:4532 -t 14532

It should also work with "localhost" or "" instead of the network IP as it runs on same rpi as wfview.

Then at cqrlog rpi change preferences/trxcontrol port setting from 4532 to 14532

This way you cascade two rigctlds and it might work. You know it only by testing.