Review and improve remote log transfer

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Review and improve remote log transfer

Hello all!

I would like to ask for a general review and eventually update of the logs transfer functionality and performance to remote logging sites.

This is a "general request" but most in particular it is directed to HRDLOG specific management which so far result the worse of the ones available, since such transfers gets not available with highest occurrence.

You can understood better what I mean by reading a brief example below of the error message:

HRDLog: Deleting original PU2OIP ... OK
HRDLog: Uploading updated PU2OIP
HRDLog: Upload failed! Check Internet connection

When this happens, it is sufficient to click on the "Online Log-->Update Changes To All Logs" menu to reestablish the connection with remote logging site but the same failure happens again almost immediately after. Then I think that you could try to ask to the HRDLOG administrator if he has a different server IP to set as destination, or even to check his server side in order to avoid or at least to limit such issue.

As you probably know is now also and I suppose that this site could have a better performance than the old one, in this case you should change the destination server IP in the CQRLOG code, to transfer the logs to it.

Thanks for your kindest attention!


PY1ZRJ Marco

gxdfhdjhfgjh (not verified)

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