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Additional CW macro

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Additional CW macro

I would like to see an additional CW macro for the received contest message. Something like %xmr - contest exchange message received.
Sometimes it is nice to say thank you for the message received without reaching for the paddles.

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Fri, 2022-12-02 09:44 #1 nn9k nn9k's picture Additional CW macr

Saku thanks you for adding %xmr to the CW macros as well as the changes you made to the Contest Window. The QSO count will be very useful during my POTA outings.
This afternoon I downloaded the Help files and the latest version of CQRlog:
--Cqrlog Ver:2.6.0 (105) QT5 Date:2022-12-07
Using the Contest Window and testing the new macro I found that my F2 message would sent twice, not every time but most of the time. And yes I am only pressing the F2 key once. It does seem to work correctly in other applications.
I use Hamlib for sending CW and it is up to date:
--rigctl Hamlib 4.6~git Sat Nov 05 17:58:40 2022 +0000 SHA=107441
My CW messages look like this:
F1=cq cq pota de %mc %mc pota
F2=%c tu %rs %xm bk
F3=bk tnx %xmr gl nn9k qrz
CapF1=F1 - CQ
As you can see there are no extra unwanted characters in the F2 message.
I realize that the simplest explanation is the the F2 key is sticking but I have dusted the keyboard and the computer is not quite a year old.
Any suggestions?

Peter, NN9K

Additional CW macro

Hi Peter!
Thanks a lot for reporting.
I work only s&p as I feel I am not good enough operator to run a pileup. That's why longer tests are not done with F2-4 and reports are welcome.

And this happens with s&p checked or not? Understood, when you mentioned keyboard, that you run s&p checked.
I myself use Fkeys 5-9 with s&p and left F1-4 to calling with s&p unchecked, I.E. for running pileup. Of course F1 (Cq) can be used ( and I have used) that also with s&p is checked and there is no random repeat found.
It is possible that there is some kind of random repeat when F2-4 are used with s&p checked as sending them is automated when s&p is unchecked.
I have to check it.

Other question:
Is there a reason to use %rs %xm instead of %xrs ?
If you keep serial number empty (and INC unchecked) it sends just the same as those two.


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Additional CW macro

No there was no good reason not to use %xrs........will do so in the future.
But another problem.
I had been testing the new CW macro on the laptop I use for portable use and since it was going pretty well I decided to update my desktop machine. Used your script to install the (105) GT5 version and all appeared fine until I used CTrL-P..............the program aborted:
peter@peter-OptiPlex-3020M:~$ cqrlog

Cqrlog Ver:2.6.0 (105) QT5 Date:2022-12-07
**** DEBUG LEVEL 0 ****
**** CHANGE WITH --debug=NR PARAMETER ****
*** Parameter -h or --help for details ***

Linux version 5.15.0-56-generic (buildd@lcy02-amd64-004) (gcc (Ubuntu 11.3.0-1ubuntu1~22.04) 11.3.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.38) #62-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 22 19:54:14 UTC 2022
2022-12-13 10:38:09 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld (server 10.6.11-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.22.04.1) starting as process 3148 ...
qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 1581, resource id: 18954554, major code: 40 (TranslateCoords), minor code: 0
malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)
Aborted (core dumped)
The program seems to work correctly, CTRL-O is fine. But going to File-Preferences also aborts the program with the same error message.
Suggestions please.

Peter, NN9K

Additional CW macro

HI Peter!

I tested the F2 "random repeat". It seems to work with no random repeats.
I assume you have had checkbox "s&b" unchecked then F2-F4 sending is automated.
At this situation you have typed in a callsign to Call column and then pressed F2. After that you have moved cursor with Tab key (or mouse) to next column.
When cursor moves out from call column it starts F2 sending. This case when you have started it manually the second sending went in to buffer and come out as second sending of F2 content.

So if you like to keep F2 memory contents and press F2 manually to send them then you must keep checkbox "s&p" checked to avoid automated sending when moving out from call column. (check contest help for info about F3 and F4, too)

I was thinking more about %xrs...
If you like to keep count of qsos during activity you can set checkbox "inc" and get qso number.
But you do not have to send it: then you must use %rs %xm to send only report and your pota info in MSGs
If you use %xrs it will send also qso number (that you may just keep for qso counting for yourself)

I downloaded Alpha (105) QT and tested. Ctrl+P and Ctrl+O worked OK here.
Try to update again with script and select GTK2 version. Does it work?

What version of QT do you have (should be 5) and have you installed libqt5pas1 ?


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Additional CW macro

Hi Saku,
Responding to First item:
I understand how that operates now--Thank you.
Second item:
I'll have to play with that a bit more to see which is best for me. But in the (105) GT5 Contest Window you keep track of contacts but then again that window can get pretty big if you if you look at all the information.
Third item:
Reran the script and picked the first option-GK2 and it works correctly. Different Contest Window but I'll most likely only need that option for the January ARRL VHF Contest so not a problem.
On the laptop the (105) GT5 version works nicely.

Yes I have the GT5 version and iibqt5pas1 is installed.
Is there a slashed or dot zero font that will work with the GTK5 version or are those fonts considered "special characters" and your 12 step UTF8 process has to be completed for that style of font.
I have tried several from the font package referenced on the CQRlog website but none see to render correctly.

OK Saku this has been a strange, crazy day here some I'm going to find a soft chair and relax.

Peter, NN9K