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Change a log field

Question: if building from source, could I change a field in CQRlog to something else? I have used "Award" to record "Park to Park" contacts for WWFF. I would like to change the label to appear as P2P and the field it produces SIG_INFO. If I changed every instances of 'Award' to 'P2P' and every instance of 'AWARD' to 'SIG_INFO' in the source code, would I accomplish this, or would I break CQRlog and prevent it from compiling?

Also, I recently installed CQRlog 2.6.0 build 116 on my laptop. Where can i find the source code for this version? Seems the latest I can find on github is build 001. I LOVE the multiple profiles for more than 2 radios!


Charles - NK8O

Change a log field

Hi Charles!

Change of label "award" in NewQSO is safe, but change of all "award" instances may need some work.
When you are in root of Cqrlog source code folder give:
grep -ni award src/*.pas
That will tell you all instances having "award" in source code. (*.pas files in src folder)
grep -ni award src/*.lfm
will tell all instances in form design files

In form design *.lfm files it is mostly safe to change "caption" and "text" contents but object names are linked to source (*.pas) files and they must be equal.

If you look the GitHub page where you found (116) there is topmost file name in file list "". Above that you see folder icon with name of two dots. Click that and you get to source folder.
You can do same if you leave "compiled" away from web link name.
In page view there is a green button "code" pressing that and selecting "" you can download current source code from page.

If you have selected "Clone" address and command "git clone" in command terminal then you must give:
git checkout loc_testing
After cloning has completed. That will switch you to loc_testing branch that is the source of (116). Otherwise you are in main branch of my fork that is equal to official (001) source code.