Level of address detail

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Level of address detail

Hello all.
This is Jim W1JT from the Eastern MA area. I'm coming from HRD's logbook and I'm in the process of getting accustomed to CQRLOG.

When I'm on HRD's logbook and my QRZ credentials are entered in, when I go to log a contact I'm able to see the name, city, and state. So when I put W1JT into I see my name, Holbrook and MA.

When I do the same on CQRLOG (with my QRZ credentials entered in just like HRD) I get my name but that's about it. It doesn't go to the level of city and state like HRD does.

Is that the way CQRLOG is? Or....am I missing a setting?


Jim W1JT

Hi Jim!

Hi Jim!

Looks like you have not payed for QRZ account. Then you get just name in return.
Cqrlog has fucntion that gets QRZ data:

function TdmUtils.GetQRZInfo(call: string; var nick, qth, address, zip, grid, state, county, qsl, iota, waz, itu, ErrMsg: string): boolean;

It is called with "call" having the search callsign. On return it gives boolean value True or False depending on QRZ has given something in return, Values that are filled you can see from function call line. How ever QRZ returns less than all variables seen in function if you have not payed for account.

If your HRD gives all you should check that you use same username (usually callsign) and password with Cqrlog.

Could it also be possible that if you run two instances at same time (HRD and Cqrlog) the QRZ gives full credits just for one connect?
I do not know that.


Address Detail

Thank you Saku.....I'm just happy to know that CQRLOG does allow that level of detail. I thought I had a paid account but maybe not. I'll figure that out and solve it. I was afraid that I was going to learn that CQRLOG just didn't provide that level of detail by design. Now that I know that it does, I'll get it figured out with QRZ. I'm super happy to hear it!
73 Jim W1JT