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Build 117

I see that Alpha build 117 has capability of more than two rigs rigs in TRX control. This is great as I have 3 rigs that have CAT capability and it would be nice to not have to reset. I have never tried to install an Alpha build. Is this build safe? Can I use Sakus script to install it?

73, Bill NZ0T

Hi, I use the alpha versions

Hi, I use the alpha versions of Saku OH1KH, which I thank in passing. The ability to manage multiple transceivers is great.
On my side I have 4 TX managed by Cqrlog 2.6.0 (117) GtK2 / Linux Mint 21.2
.. and all ok I did not notice any problem.

All the best

Yves, F5JQF
CQRlog Ver.2.6.0_(120)_GtK2 / Hamlib 4.5.5 / Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon

I tried to install the Alpha

I tried to install the Alpha v117 from here using Sakus script:

I chose option 5 which seemed to install fine but it will not open. I re-installed 2.6.0(001)GTK which works fine. What am I doing wrong with the 117 install?

73, Bill NZ0T

I got 117 installed! Tried

I got 117 installed! Tried option 4 which installed smoothly. Love the multiple rigs in TRX. Right now I have my K4, K3 and QRP Labs QCX+ connected and hopefully my K2/100 soon.