New Install - Remote FLDIGI Error

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New Install - Remote FLDIGI Error


I just installed cqrlog on a new Computer, using a Backup of the config Files. Configs from fldigi, wsjtx and cqrlog are copied from a Backup. cqrlog is latest Version (using a Installation from Repo and the script). wsjtx is latest Version and did work, Standalone and Remote. Fldigi was a Version from Repo and updated with a compiled Version from Source Code. It is running Standalone with the Backup Config File.

When I try to start fldigi remote from cqrlog, I got a Error Message Box: No timers available. OK or Abort (Risk Data etc...). OK did not start fldigi, but cqrlog is running okay. Path to fldigi is correct.
Never had this Error before. What does it mean and what to do?

OS is Linux Mint 21.3.

73 de Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ

New Install - Remote FLDIGI Error

HI Heinz-Juergen!

What is your Cqrlog version?
And do you try to start fldigi via Cqrlog or is it already running when you start fldigi remote?
Fldigi remote has two choices. Do you use XML or the other way?

Never seen that kind of error before and with tests (123)_QT5 works ok when fldigi is already running or started with remote and using xmlrpc or non xmlrpc mode.


Cqrlog Version is 2.6.0_(123)

Cqrlog Version is 2.6.0_(123)_Gtk2.

Fldigi is not running and I try to start it remote.
What two choices for Fldigi remote?
Path is set to the Binary. In my case /usr/local/bin/fldigi.
Checkbox "Run fldigi etc..." is set, Port 7362 on Local Host IP.
Frequency, Mode and RST is all set to Fldigi.

Same result when Fldigi is running.

73 de Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ

Some more.

Some more.
In Cqrlog no Path to Fldigi Binary set -> No Timers Errorbox when trying to start Fldigi remote.
Checkbox "Run fldigi..." unchecked -> No Timers Errorbox when trying to start Fldigi remote.

A short log attached.

73 de Heinz-Juergen DO1YHJ