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adif import bug

inconsistent behavior when importing an adif file.

I keep all my logs in adif format. Some have various errors that I can correct if I know that they are there. In the case of two of my logs I had commas where I should have periods for the frequency. CQRLOG would attempt to import these logs, would report that the import was completed but when I looked to see if the log entries were in cqrlog, they were not there. If I imported a portion of the adif by splitting it, I found that I could locate the bad entries. Other errors seem to get picked up and the errors are recored in the log directory but not these.

Try putting a comma in for the period in frequency and you should see that the import claims to have completed successfully but nothing is imported.

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Re:adif import bug


I'm sorry about that.
If you run cqrlog from console, you'll see what is wrong. I'm working on version 1.0 which has new adif import and should work much better. Could you please send me your adif files to my email? I'd like to test it. Thank you.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi Petr, I've fixed all of

Hi Petr, I've fixed all of my adif problems but I will try and put together an example with a few log entries and one that is bad but causes the problem I described.



73, NX1P