Column Header Titles.

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Column Header Titles.

Just downloaded 1.0.1 to discover that ADIF import is broken, but I read that that is being worked on.
And so I have had a chance to have a good look at the new version.
It looks very nice, but I have a question.
Is there a way to change the Column Header Titles from lower case to capitals.
To my eyes the lower case titles do not match with the rest of the forms which are in upper case.

regards from Wallace

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Re: Column Header Titles

Hi Wallace,

this is not possible in 1.0.x version. I have it on my todo list and will be part of next versions.

I'm sorry about ADIF import. If you are using my PPA on Launchpad, run apt-get update and you will have fixed version. But I'm waiting because of some issues which appears when I want to get CQRLOG into Debian repo. I suppose there will be new version oficially released today.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Column Header Titles

Good Afternoon Petr.

That's no problem, it was only a minor observation on my part.

Regards the ADIF import, I am running CQRLog on PCLinuxOS and so can only install from the i386.tar. It's a shame that I cannot use the new version, but I am in no hurry and can wait until you repair the broken import and release the new .tar.

73 Wallace MM0AMV