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TRX Control freq

Hi, I am using TRX Control OK, except for the 80m band which stores the wrong freq as a default. I have successfully changed default frequencies on the other bands to the ones I prefer,and they all seem to work OK except for that on the 80m band. How can I fix this? If I go to the frequencies page and make the change, it accepts it OK, and when I return to it, it is still fine, except that if I hit the 80m button on the TRX Control screen, the freq it directs my rig (FT-450) to is incorrect. What do you suggest I do?

TRX Control

OK, I think I have sorted this.


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Re: TRX Control

Hi Grant,

where was the problem?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

TRX control


Used the wrong screen to make the changes!