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Information on SQL database

I have a DXbase table of about 5000 QSO's that I would like to import into CQRLOG. I've moved the data to a MySQL database that I could write a PHP script to populate the CQRLOG table if I know the field specification and user name and passwords.

I read that the CQRLOG uses a mySQL database. After it installed I couldn't find the table on the MySQL server. I don't know what user name or password is that it uses to connect to the database or where that configuration is installed.

Then there is the CQRLOG tables text files which I've no idea what that means in the context of a MySQL database application.

Is there a source of documentation for this?

I would like to have one computer on my network hold the database server and use the application on a couple of other computers which access the data through the MySQL server. Is that possible?

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Re: Information on SQL database

Yes, it is possible and CQRLOG has support for that.

If you run CQRLOG, database connection window appears. On the top of the window is checkbox "Save log data to local machine". If you uncheck it, you'll see connection parameters to database. As default, cqrlog uses mysql embedded and all databases are stored into ~/.config/cqrlog/database. You can change it to your server. It should work without any problem. I'm using database on our small home server.

If you want to import data, much better is ADIF. CQRLOG re-create dxcc statistc, check zones and all what you want to import.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Information on SQL database

OK, thanks for the information. I'll try to get it to run off my server.

Then I'll write a PHP script to take my existing table and create an ADIF file and then import it.

Re: Information on SQL database


I was able to move my old DXBase files into CQRLOG and I am very happy to have logging available again. I had lost the working source for DXBase 2005 but I moved the Access 1997 .mdb into a MySQL datbase and wrote a PHP script to export an ADIF file which CQRLOG imported. I had one small issue with the process which I think is a noncritical bug. I'll have a look at your bugs section to see if it has been reported.

Bob, AC7PN