From qso list to new qso window

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From qso list to new qso window

Hi, Here's something odd: when I open my logbook, I go straight to the new qso window. Nothing odd about that, but if I then open the view all qso tab and get the qso list, to which I scroll down to a particular qso and hit, view qso to have a closer look, and then hit the new qso tab I return to the original blank new qso screen, but I can't type in a call sign. The curser is in the right spot but does not respond to my typing. I have to shut down the log and fire it up again to be able to insert a new qso. Is there any way around this?

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Re: From qso list to new qso window


I must look at it. I don't use log this was. After view or edit QSO I always hit ESC key twice (in New QSO window) and log is ready to go. I've probably never tried New QSO button.

73 Petr, OK2CQR