Correcting CQRLog entity errors

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Correcting CQRLog entity errors

I recently installed CQRLog and imported my log from DXKeeper as an ADIF file. My DXCC total is shown as 307, but the correct number should be 306. All bands, except 12 meters show higher DXCC totals than they should. For instance, on 160 meters I have worked 127 DXCC "Entities". CQRLog shows 130. How do I find the incorrect entries? How do I sort the log by band and find the bad ones? Over all bands I have a total of 37 mistakes to correct out of 4791 log entries. Actually there should be 4794 log entries but CQRLog did not import 3 it said were errors. How do I find and correct those? I am relatively new to Ubuntu Linux. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Mark WC5M

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CQRLog entity errors


I am responsible for CQRlog country files. If you provide me ( your log (ADIF from the DXKeeper, please) and your actual DXCC score (from other sources, I assume), I can do a thorough analysis and correct the problem.

The incorrect entries can be found by compating the statistics with your own records. Anyway, you should rebuild your stats before any comparisons! I am pretty sure that the messy records caused by incorrect import. Every record can be manually coreected/changed if you go to the QSO list, browse your log and change a particular records using the 'Edit QSO' option.

73 Martin, OK1RR