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Settings backup


My cqrlog get crashed and I must import again my log.adi. But every time I lost my settings. Is there some option, how take out just settings?

If I have old data in my logbook and I must import some new file where is more new qso:s, it's strange, because it's import all qso's again, so then I have double qso in logbook. Is that possible make some string, that import only qso's what not in logbook at the moment?

73 de Jyrki

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Re: Settings backup

Hi Jyrki,

yes, the is a way.
If you run CQRLOG, you'll see window with list of logs. On the right is Utils button. If you click on it, menu will apper. The first item is Configuration -> Export. There you can export your configuration. If you want to restore it, do Utils -> Configuration -> Import.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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I have created 2nd log, now I

I have created 2nd log, now I want to have same settings/configuration for the 2nd log as for the 1st (main) log.
I've imported configuration but nothing is being imported. All settings in the 2nd log are defaults.

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all fine, config file

all fine, config file imported after 5th time.