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I have a central mysql server, so wanted to install CQRlog without installing mysql-server on the same machine. I removed the dependency from the .deb package so it installed without problem.
I also changed to SaveToLocal=0 in the config file, so CQRlog started finally.
But at startup, it wants to create several databases on the remote server.
So my question is what databases and privileges must be created on the remote server before running CQRlog?

73, hny

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Hello Peter,

you don't have to edit config file. If you run cqrlog, database connection window appear and there is Save log data to local machine. If you uncheck it, you'll see connection parameters.

After first start, cqrlog is creating cqrlog_common and cqrlog001 databases. These are defaults. You permission have to allow to create databases and tables. Or you can try create cqrlog_common and cqrlog001 by hand and let cqrlog to use it,

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Installation without local mysql

Hello Petr,
thanks for reply, I have to disagree in some points:

1: you cannot install the stock .deb package without mysql server on the same machine. I removed the requirement in the package but it is not straightforward for someone not experienced with debian.
2: once installed, cqrlog does not start if it can't find the mysql server binary. I tricked it this way, but it's not an elegant solution.. ;)
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 jan 14 11.19 /usr/sbin/mysqld -> /bin/true

3: once that solved, you have to set SaveToLocal=0 in the config.

After that, I could finally start cqrlog, now I will try the database functions with your suggestions. For those like me who want to use the program with a remote mysql, an alternative .deb not requiring the above 1-3 steps would be greatly appreciated!

73, Peter

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Re: Installation without local mysql

I'm sorry, you are right, my mistake.

MySQL direct access?

I imported a lot of contacts and there are duplicates. I also would like to change a bunch of the fields, like "USB" to "SSB". I have some experience with SQL but don't know how to directly access the CQRlog databases. I've started the server, but not sure how to get to it.

Can you give my any hints or am I on my own? :)


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Re: MySQL direct access?

CQRLOG doesn't have function to remove duplicates. It is on my todo list.

After CQRLOG starts, it will run mysqld as well. You can use any mysql client program to work with it. Host will be localhost and port is 64000. I use program called Tora.

But if you only want to change mode from USB to SSB, you can use build-in SQL command line in CQRLOG. It is in QSO list window -> Filter -> SQL console. The SQL command will be something like this:

update cqrlog_main set mode = 'SSB' where mode = 'USB'

73 Petr, OK2CQR


I would like to use the database from the provider. I have the server address, username, password and database name. I can not create two databases, I have only one database with the specified name. Can I use this solution with cqrlog, how?