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Radio 1 / 2 Switching.... (Yaesu radios)

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Radio 1 / 2 Switching.... (Yaesu radios)

I have installed the new CQRLog 0.7. The radio control is MUCH better!! I have the program working with my FT-1000 and the FT-950.

FYI, XON/XOFF, DTR and RTS are all required! I did try a bunch of combos.

I do have the 1.2.9 hamlib.

If I bring up the program, what ever radio was configured on closure, will be the radio opening. When I try to switch, the debug screen shows: In inicializerig

Going into preferences and clicking ok, will wake it up. The TX Control refresh does not seem to fix it.

Any ideas??

FYI, Thank You to all of the great work and support from Petr and Martin!

Will WC2L