CQRlog and Mint

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CQRlog and Mint

been kinda tinkering around with Mint and CQRlog, I cant seem to get the auto look up to work, I have all the proper things set up right, but when I input the call into the log it does not auto fill the name or the qth and in the callbook window it just puts (500): that is it. puts other info in like CQ and ITU, all the little windows that show the user uses LOTW and EQSL, QRZ and HAMqth, I click on both HAMqth and QRZ and it opens the proper page, any ideas?? TU Tom K8WDX

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Re: CQRlog and Mint

Hi Tom,

it looks like problems with DNS in Linux mint.

Josef, OK2WO find the solution. http://www.cqrlog.com/comment/1996#comment-1996

73 Petr