upgraded mandriva 2009.1 - cqrlog broken!

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upgraded mandriva 2009.1 - cqrlog broken!

hi chaps,

i had some success with mandriva 2009 in a different thread here at cqrlog. I recently updated an installation and decided to start afresh.

After installing mandriva 2009.1 i installed hamlibs (./configure make and make install) and the libs are installed in /usr/local/libs/

so i go ahead and download cqrlog....

[tim@localhost cqrlog]$ ./cqrlog
./cqrlog: error while loading shared libraries: libhamlib.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[tim@localhost cqrlog]$

hmmmm... square 1 again!

Does cqrlog depend on the libhamlib.so.2 being in the cqrlog directory or does it want to find it in /usr/local/libs ?

i have the libhamlib.so.2 lib in the cqrlog base and in the cqrlog/lib AND in the /usr/local/libs

Why cant cqrlog find it ?

Anyone ?

Regards, Tim

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fixed it !

hello again :)

Mandriva 2009.0 and 2009.1 need to have the libhamlib.so.2 file copied to the correct location for this to work.

Install Mandriva
Download libhamlibs from sourceforge

as root, go to hamlib folder and :

make install

Now copy the libhamlib.so.2 file to /usr/lib

Make sure you have the tcl and python libs installed (email me for details)

Download cqrlog and you will now be able to run the program.

Cheers everyone