KX3 + Ubuntu 12.04

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KX3 + Ubuntu 12.04

Is any one using an Elecraft KX3+CQRLOG? 
I am trying to get my KX3+Elecraft USB cable working with CQRLog without much success. I tried using RIG id 221 (K2) and 229 (K3). Right now the Elecraft USB cable is showing up as /dev/ttyUSB2 when I look via "dmesg"Historically I have had a mix of other rigs and interfaces working via both serial and USB without much issue. (Icom, Yeasu, Kenwood, Elecraft)Any ideas or suggestions?73 de NG0R

KX3 + Ubuntu 12.04 (updated, resolved)

I download the KX3 firmware updater this morning. It has some other nice tools like a terminal and some tools for controlling the radio. It worked/connected fine but I noticed something interesting.  It was connecting to /dev/ttyUSB2 at 4800 baud.
I updated the CQRlog so that it was connected at 4800 to rig id 229 and it now works properly.
It is funny because I did try some different speeds yesterday beyond just "default" but I did not try 4800. I think that it is working. I will test it out over the next few days as time permits.

John Hoaglun
NG0R - EN25ue