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CQWW Export...

Anyone know of a way to export a log so it's compatible with CQWW? I have 611 contacts. I tried exporting to ADI then importing into something else then export to Cabrillo. but all of the zone numbers are missing so my log is rejected :(

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Re: CQWW Export...

I am afraid that you mixing up CQRLOG with a contesting program. CQRLOG is NOT intended for contesting, it is a daily logger. Although it can be (mis)used in a contest, it does not support contest exchanges, it does not send any CW in the usual way, there is NOT any scoring option, NOT Cabrillo output etc. We do not exclude a CQRLOG based contesting program in the future but now it is not the quote of day. I know, it is bad news because there is NO Linux contesting software (tlf is still very alpha, so2sdr is based on wrong idea with its SDR cluster module and NO other software should be considered as 'advanced enough' for serious contesting.

I didn't get it mixed up with

I didn't get it mixed up with anything, that is an assumption you have made. I simply asked if anyone knows of a way to make the exported data compatible. I do realise CQRLog isn't intended for competition use, but it is my preferred logger for Linux. 
Thanks for your help.

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Re:CQWW Export...

Did you have zones in ADIF file? Please look at Preferences -> export if all necessary fileds are exported to ADIF file.

Yes, tried that, but it didn

Yes, tried that, but it didn't work :)
I guess I'll just not bother uploading the log. No big loss there. Thanks for your help though :)

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Re:Yes, tried that, but it didn

Please look here:
or did you try to add your own zone to <STX> tag into adif file and rename <CQZ to STRX? It's quite easy with Search & Replace function in any text editor. 

Thanks, I think we have a

Thanks, I think we have a result :) I search and replaced in a text editor then upliaded the ADI to the web based CW WW conterter, then (after deleting a few entries with typos) submitted the log. Thanks again!
Paul :)

import log with <a href="http

import log with <a href="http://www.w1hkj.com/fllog-help/index.html">Fllog</a> and export as cabrillo.