[SOLVED] Initial LotW and eQSL uploads

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[SOLVED] Initial LotW and eQSL uploads

Hi all,
I'm a new cqrlog user and have likely overlooked how to do this.  But it seems that to make cqrlog aware what needs uploading to lotw and eqsl, that you must first upload everything in the log.  :-o 
I'd prefer not to re-upload thousands of qsos simply to make cqrlog "know" current upload status.  Is there a way to make or trick cqrlog to be aware of what has or hasn't been uploaded?
73!  And thanks to the generous and energetic authors.
Mike ab3ap

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Yes, there is, you can filter

Yes, there is, you can filter your log and then go to File, and group edit, and change the value to Eqsl Y, or LOTW Y, You can also edit the entire log, just skip the filter part... one of the may items that make CQRlog a step above the rest. HTH Tom K8WDX



Excellent - thank you very much, Tom!
73 es HNY,
Mike ab3ap