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web based log

I'm looking for a web based log that uploads to lotw.
More or less a port of your Linux client to a web based version.

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No such thing exists, an

No such thing exists, an oline log that would do this would also need to have your certificate on file, and be able to sign your T8 file, this is not possible, not only that but I would think the ARRL would frown on this, the only way to do this is to have a log on your pc, and do the uploads youself, and CQRlog has the best upload to LOTW utility available. HTH Tom K8WDX


Hoooooooold on. One thing I

Hoooooooold on. One thing I don't like to hear in the combination with software is "This is not possible" :).
Everything is possible. Sometimes even in 64k of RAM. He only said he wants a web based log that can do this. Not that somebody else has to host it. One thing on my very long todo list is to actually write a web interface to the database that holds my log. Since that is already on the server anyway, it's just some weekend play (but all the other projects). It is possible to do that and for now let's assume your'e in control of the webserver. Yes, the keys would have to be on that machine and your could do it from there. One would have to write an interface to tqslcert and tqsl and then wrap some shiny AJAX magic around it. Does all this make sense and would be as complete and comprehensive as the best logger on the planet (a.k.a. CQRlog)? Probably not because implementing rig control would be ugly though it can be done via the network if one wants rig control. I remember that people actually used to fill in the QRG by hand into paper logs :).
Gee the more I think about it .. the more I wanna build it, just because.
73 Mike K5TRI

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Re: web based log

Hi Chuck,
truth is, I'm thinking about it. I already create big mindmap for this project. It will be connected to desktop version of CQRLOG. You can choose if you will be connected to the server or local database. Also sync should work. It's a lot of work and I'm not sure if I can handle it in near future. But I'm thinking about that. I'd like to create web based log connected to HamQTH, very similar to desktop version. But I'm afraid it won't be free, maybe about $5 or $10 a year, because it will need better hardware. Much better than I can pay for from our family budget :-).
It's still in my head and first concept is in the mindmap I created for it. Nothing more ... .
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: web based log

Since CQRLOG is MYSQL based, creating a web interface should not be impossible. Now having all of the capabilites and etc could be a different storry. You should be able to show, search, and anything else you wanted to script. I  know we have a MYSQL database here at work that we use for out inventory. We do an aweful lot with it. All I did was install the database and do the starting configuration. The rest of the team does the programing and etc. I am just the hardware admin ;-)
Wil WC2L

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Ok maybe I shoulod have not

Ok maybe I shoulod have not used the this is not possible approch, anyway I will stay tuned, one thing I should keep in mined, If it is going to happen it will be a Ham who makes it possible, My Bad!!! Tom K8WDX


Pre-Beta of php-based webinterface for cqrlog

During the last two weeks I wrote a simple php-based web-interface for the cqrlog-mysql-tables, my YL, a good friend and me are using it to log into our cqrlog-database. It just has some basic features as we don't have any linux-computers at our clubstation and want to have the possibility to log in our private logs.
At the moment I implemented the following features:
-Adding/Listing QSOs with basic fields
-Public Listing of this Log with no possibility to add QSOs (for public homepage use eg)
-QSO-Search with some possible filters
-DXCC-Stats (worked/confirmed with distinction between paper/lotw/eqsl)
It can not replace cqrlog as you cant
-modify QSOs
-set QSL stats
-up/download to eqsl/lotw/clublog/hamqth…
Whats needed, how does it work?
-you don't log into a mysqldb on localhost, but on a public reachable mysql server
-a central, public reachable www server (connected to the mysql server)
-at the moment, security relies on htaccess restrictions on the non public parts
As I don't have not much experience in writing php code, I don't want to make it public in this early state, but feel free to write me an email and ill hand you over the code. If I got enough feedback, I am willing to publish the code on github.
73 de Bernhard DL8BH

a simple webinterface for cqrlog, screenshots over here: http://www.dl8bh.de/cqrweblog/