Running cqrlog under Puppy-Linux?

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Running cqrlog under Puppy-Linux?


Just changed over to Puppy 4.2 - installed ok but will not run, wonder if anyone has it running under puppy ? I did have it running under mepis (Antix) before - the reason for puppy is it's on an older laptop - but it runs SO fast... ...
BTW also downloaded the hamlib files (where should they go please)...

Thanks: de Peter G4NKX


Re:cqrlog on Puppy

Gm Om's
With regard to running this fantastic software on Puppy Linux - I was hanging on to the very last threads of winXP on this laptop and finally decided to dump it completely - so now have a dedicated Puppy - Linux Radio Laptop to which I have now installed the latest cqrlog/hamlib - utils and Fldigi, happliy all now fully working.
I discovered a little application called deb2pet which runs on Puppy which runs in the background,this is a .pet package and installs normally, then I downloaded the hamlib utils from the debian repo's and put this in my home folder, now when you right click the hamlib .pet, among those choices available there is an option to convert the .deb to a .pet (quite simple) now click the "Pet" file and it installs as any other program (In the correct locations - fldigi is available from its main download page and is in ".Pet" format thankfully......! No trouble installing that either.
Cqrlog installs as any other system to my knowledge and is straight forward ( I have it on my ubuntu 9.04 as well ) all thats required is to go through the normal setup and installation procedures.
This machine I'm running on is an old compaq n600c, Pentium III L/Top, and it flies......!
If you need a system thats VERY quick, and have an old machine laying around I RECOMMEND PUPPY.
Filesystem'a bit quirky though, but boy it's fast.

Whole setup for cqrlog was about 5 mins and I had it talking to my Ft817 via hamlibs - still need to get Fldigi fully configured though.

Hope this is some help - Thanks guys for a great Logger.

De Peter

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